Contact Tracing

All About Contact Tracing for La Habra Residents

What it is

  • Contact tracing is a program to control infection.
  • It is used to reduce the spread of diseases such as COVID-19.
  • It has been done by health departments for many years to keep people safe.
How it works
  • First: The doctor tests for COVID-19 and tells you the test is “positive”. This means you have the virus. 
  • Next: The doctor has to report certain diseases and viruses like COVID-29 to our health department. 
  • Then: The health department keeps track of how many people are sick and gives your name to a contact tracer who will call you.
What to know and do if you are called by a contact tracer
  • What you understand: Tell the contact tracer what you understood about your test result. 
  • Questions you have: Ask any questions you have about what you are to do. 
  • If you can self-quarantine: Tell the contact tracer if you cannot self-quarantine in your home and stay away from others in the house. They can help you with a place to stay until it is safe
    or you to return home.
  • ​Who you’ve been in contact with: The contact tracer will ask you about what you have done and the people you have been with over the past two weeks. Try to recall all of the people
    so they can be called.
  • How your privacy is protected: The contact tracer cannot give these people your name.
    The people you tell them about are only told they have been exposed to the virus.

Who does it

  • Persons working for the health department do contact tracing.
  • These people get special training to do this work and are called contact tracers.

Why it’s important

  • Contact tracing is very important to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 
  • There is no vaccine or treatment for COVID-19 at this time.
  • Therefore, contact tracing is our main approach to keep people well. 
How to Prevent Fraud - What you should know
  • Trained contact tracers will NEVER ask for personal information such as your credit card, banking or social security numbers. Do not give out this information.
  • Trained contact tracers will NEVER ask for your Medicare number or information. 
  • The police have said that some people are pretending to be contact tracers to get this information from you. Call 866-720-5721 if this happens to you.